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Thank you for considering Atlas Therapy for your orthopedic therapy. It is our top priority to work with you and your doctor, as a team, so you can return to your highest level of function. Whether you are preparing for, recovering from or considering/ trying to avoid surgery, Atlas Therapy can help you!

Studies have shown that subjects who performed physical therapy instead of undergoing surgery had similar or better outcomes than those who had surgery, all while avoiding unwanted complications and costs. These include rotator cuff tears of the shoulder, meniscal tears and osteoarthritis of the knee, Grade III ankle sprains and lumbar stenosis, to name a few. Our non-invasive, conservative treatments which include manual therapy, mobilizations, neuromuscular and therapeutic exercise and modalities can decrease pain and restore function without surgery in many cases.

When surgery is necessary and indicated, Atlas Therapy can help you prepare to maximize your results with a pre-operative program designed to help patients go into surgery with optimal range of motion and strength, education on use of assistive devices/ braces/ slings, transfers, gait and stair training, post-op expectations, etc. Studies show that pre-operative PT results in better surgical outcomes.

We at Atlas are here for the whole journey, and that includes post-operative rehabilitation. If or when you do have surgery, we will help you achieve your best outcomes through a specialized protocol aimed at restoring mobility, strength and function, and returning you to an active, healthy life!

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