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Our Story

Our Story

Justin Kurpeikis (Co Founder & Partner

Justin Kurpeikis (Co-Founder & Partner)

After years of treating craniofacial pain as a massage and neuromuscular therapist, Tom Zellner sought out an answer to resolve the conditions completely. Successfully treating the conditions, but never fully getting the patients to 100%, gave him the idea to combine massage and physical therapy. This alternative gave patients an option for complete recovery from conditions that had oftentimes persisted for several years. Several years of research proved the patients were simply being sent from provider to provider and often over medicated because physicians had no other alternative.

Atlas was born out of a demand from patients and referral sources for an alternative treatment to these often difficult conditions. The evolution was based on the need of patients, referral sources and the resounding success of our treatment of dysfunctions of the upper cervical region. The natural progression and urging of our referral sources and patients continue to make us expand our focus and treat more dysfunctions-all without losing our original focus or recipe for success. It is who we are and what we do that makes us different and successful – and not simply the body part or focus on a region of the body. We can truly do it all given the opportunity and a willing patient.

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