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What is vertigo?

Your balance system is a very complex system that is made up of many parts. Your eyeballs tell you what you see, your inner ear tells you how fast your body weight is moving, your legs tell you what your feet feel to keep you standing, and your neck tells your brain where your head is positioned. Your brain is the computer that processes all this information from these sensory parts and then quickly calculates a strategy to keep to you balanced. This normally happens quickly without thought. There are many examples of reasons why your balance would no longer work efficiently. One common issue is Vertigo.

When you have "true vertigo", your inner ear crystals leave their containment area and get stuck inside one of 3 canals. These canals normally tell you how fast you are moving through space by fluid inside of them splashing around as you move. When these crystals are in the canal, it is like throwing a rock into a pond. The crystals make the water splash around inside these canals when your head changes position. When this happens it tells the brain you are accelerating faster even though you may not be. You will perceive this as a "spinning" and your eyes will flicker because your brain is trying to see where you are moving towards to avoid falling. This "bad signal" that comes from your inner ear can cause the brain to get bad information about how you are moving through space.

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