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Pelvic floor dysfunction affects the daily lives of millions of women at all phases of life. Common causes include pregnancy, child birth, chronic constipation, chronic coughing, surgery, trauma and aging. Physical therapy may help.

Women’s health therapy is a conservative treatment using manual techniques, muscle re-education, strengthening, modalities, and lifestyle modification. Common issues addressed are: urinary urgency and frequency, bowel and bladder incontinence, pelvic pain, recurrent UTIs, SI pain, hip and low back pain.

Atlas Therapy is committed to servicing women's health in a comfortable and discreet one-on-one setting. At your evaluation, we will take time to talk through your current symptoms and past medical history. We will do an objective assessment of your posture, flexibility, strength and movement patterns. Based on the evaluation and your personal goals for therapy, we will design a treatment plan to get you back to optimal function as soon as possible.

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"Mieka, Jocelyn and Kyla are awesome, I have been in PT for diastasis recti for 6 months and feel so much stronger and better in general about myself. I think physical therapy should be incorporated in all postpartum care."
J. Wenrich

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If you have been prescribed physical therapy by your treating physician (including specialty doctors, family care doctors, PAs, Nurse Practitioners and Dentists), you have the right to choose where you receive your physical therapy care. A facility can be recommended, but it is ALWAYS your right to choose. There are many reasons to choose Atlas Therapy including our therapy style, our therapists and our own patient feedback.


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