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Pelvic Health

Physical therapists are trained in evidence-based assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and the body as a whole. A pelvic floor physical therapist has received additional training in the specialized treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

During your evaluation, we will take time to talk through your current symptoms and past medical history. We will do an objective assessment of your posture, flexibility, strength and movement patterns. Based on the evaluation and your personal goals for therapy, we will design a treatment plan to get you back to optimal function as soon as possible.

The key to success with pelvic floor rehabilitation requires good communication with your therapist. Your therapist can help you determine a treatment plan, home exercise program and lifestyle adjustments that will work best for you.

For pelvic floor therapy, patients typically come in 1 to 2 times per week for 8-16 weeks, depending on the diagnosis and severity of symptoms. We will begin with hour-long visits that are one-on-one with the therapist in a private treatment room. As you see improvements, incorporating functional activities will be beneficial to help to build confidence and control as your pelvic health improves.

We are happy to be your healthcare provider and will work with you to restore your health and well-being.

  • Urinary urgency/frequency
  • Incontinence
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Painful insertion
  • Vaginismus
  • Pre and Post Prostatectomy
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Abdominal pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • C-Section scars
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • And more!

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